Business personal

Affordable options for up to 5 users who print less than 2,500 pages per month.

Small work teams

Ideal for small teams up to 15 users who print between 500 and 4,200 total pages per month.


Perfect for teams of up to 15 people who print up to 6,000 total pages per month and need advanced fleet management.


Designed for up to 30 users who print up to 20,000 total pages per month and need advanced fleet management.

Large format printers

Delivering versatility, reliability, and quality for oversized printing needs.

Commercial and industrial presses

Built for print service providers looking for cutting-edge technology, versatility and efficiency.

Dot Matrix Printers

Epson DFX-9000
9-Pin Dot Matrix Printer
  • Fastest printer in its class
  • Speed: up to 1550cps (10cpi)
  • Prints up to 10-part forms
  • Optional network connectivity
  • 9-Pin Dot Matrix Printer
Epson DLQ-3500
24-Pin Flat-bed Dot Matrix Printer
  • Wide Carriage
  • Speed: up to 550cps (10cpi)
  • Prints up to 8-part forms
  • Optional network connectivity
Epson FX-2175
9-Pin Dot Matrix Printer
  • Speed: up to 476cps (10cpi)
  • Prints up to 5-part forms
  • Versatile paper paths
  • Optional network connectivity