Residential & SOHO

InnoMedia’s solutions for the Residential & SOHO market address the most common needs of the SOHO or home user, featuring InnoMedia’s widely deployed MTA6328 product family, as well as the newly introduced high-performance, price-competitive MTA8328 family. The MTA8328 product line offers flexible network connectivity with Ethernet and USB ports, T.38 for reliable fax, wideband codec for superior voice and EMS support for remote monitoring and management. Furthermore, the MTA8328-1E comes with GR909 line diagnostic features which can detect the presence of foreign voltages (PSTN power feed or power crossing), receiver off-hook, REN violation and tip-ring short. The line diagnostic features (together with the optional GR1089 intra-building lightning protection included in the MTA8328-1E) allows it to support house wiring installation, thus enabling service providers to offer seamless PSTN replacement to their customers.

Products in this category include as follows:

  • MTA6328-2Re
  • MTA6328-4
  • IPPhone6308
  • MTA8328-1E
  • MTA8328-1U

Business Voice Solutions

InnoMedia’s offering in terms of Business Voice Solutions can be further broken down into the following four sectors:

  • Office suites
  • TDM PRI with PRI ESBCs
  • Hosted Service Using ESBCs with SIP ALG
  • SIP Trunking Using ESBCs with B2BUA

Cable Solutions

InnoMedia’s Cable Solutions include the following three product families:

  • Ready-to-go DOCSIS 3.0 PacketCable 1.5 eMTAs
  • Compact-sized DOCSIS 3.0 Embedded Cable Modem Modules (ECMMs)
  • Cable modem-embedded Enterprise Session Border Controllers with Smart-DQoS™

Products in this category include the two EMTA products – EMTA9528-2B and EMTA9528-4B, the ECMM modules – industrial-grade ECMM9500-BI and commercial-grade ECMM9500-BC, and the cable-based ESBC products – ESBC8528, ESBC9528, ESBC9578, and ESBC9580. The cable-embedded ESBCs are powered with patented Smart-DQoS™ technology for intelligent UGS service flow establishment to ensure QoS-based voice services.

Element Management System

As the centerpiece to your service offering, InnoMedia’s highly scalable and fully redundant Element Management System (EMS) is the foundation for InnoMedia’s highly provisionable devices with an extensive set of built-in features and capabilities to simplify and automate the deployment of a very large number of devices and to provide auto-provisioning, diagnostics, remote configuration/monitoring and VoIP metrics collection, thus greatly reducing service operation complexity and support cost.